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955 Timmins Street as amended October 2021 from 229 Units to 219 Units

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This page has all the resources required for you to understand the proposed development at 955 Timmins Street.

The amended development plans submitted with the application now propose the following:

  • One 4-storey apartment building (Phase 1)
  • One 5-storey apartment building (Phase 2)
  • 71 townhouse units (Phase 2)

The development plans are proposing 71 townhouse units and 148 apartment units (split between two apartment buildings) 219 units over 2 phases of development.

Amendments in October 2021

Liv Midtown

Evolution of 955 Timmins Street Proposal (2017-2021)

Below is three images each showing the progression of this development from the 123 units in 2017 to 219 Units in 2021

Midtown FlatsLiv MidtownLiv Midtown

Original Development Goals

Liv Midtown


  1. 23 entry-level 3-bedroom duplex and 4-plex family homes.
  2. All family homes have private entraces, access to yard space, and full roof-top decks.
  3. 80-100 self-contained micro-units located in two buildings at west side of property.
  4. Micro-housing will serve to alleviate the current rental housing shortage in the area, such as student housing.
  5. A greater diversity of housing for people of different ages and life stages will help to create a more diverse and inclusive neighbourhood.

Park Land and Open Spaces

  1. Retention of as many mature trees along Timmins Street as possible.
  2. Enhance and expand the public greenspace in the area.
  3. Use of Indigenous plants throughout to limit the need for watering maintainance.
  4. Expand Penticton's urban forest
  5. Create a welcome edge to the north side of Okanagan College Campus
  6. Parking for Micro-housing to be located below-grade.

Transportation and Connections

  1. New connections will be developed to link streets and to maximize convenient accessibility for all ages
  2. Providing micro-housing adjacent to the Okanagan College Campus will create a much needed supply of student housing and student 'hub' which is integrated into the fabric of the surrounding neighbourhood.
  3. Densifying neighbourhoodsenhances livability by creating walkable neighbourhoods.


  1. Increasing the amount of permiable ground area to help manage stormwater in the area.
  2. Durable, efficient, and high-quality construction to decrease waste and energy use.
  3. Landscaped interface at north edge of Okanagan Collect Campus
  4. Walkable neighbourhoods can work to decrease day-to-day reliance on automobiles

Original Proposal (Nov 2017)

  • 23 Entry level 3-bedroom family homes
  • 80-100 Micro-suite units
  • Majority of parking below grade level
  • Maximum retention of mature trees
  • Landscaped interface to north side of park area
Midtown Flats

Proposal Returns in 2021

Second Proposal (July 2021 STALE)

  • 81 townhouse units
  • Two 5-storey apartment buildings
  • 4 Phases of construction
Liv MidtownLiv Midtown

Second Proposal Amendments (October 2021 LIVE)

  • 4-storey apartment building (Phase 1)
  • 5-storey apartment building (Phase 2)
  • 71 townhouse units (Phase 2)
  • 2 Phases of construction
Liv MidtownLiv MidtownLiv MidtownLiv MidtownLiv MidtownLiv MidtownLiv MidtownLiv Midtown

Submitted in July 2021 (September 2021 STALE)

Liv MidtownLiv MidtownLiv MidtownLiv MidtownLiv MidtownLiv MidtownLiv MidtownLiv Midtown

Previous Development Proposal (Nov 2017)

Midtown FlatsMidtown FlatsMidtown FlatsMidtown FlatsMidtown FlatsMidtown FlatsMidtown Flats

Set goals and stick to them

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