Keep Penticton's Neighbourhoods Livable

A developer (Radec Group) proposes to build 219 townhouses, condominiums, and apartments at 955 Timmins Street, the former Canwood site. For this development to proceed, the City of Penticton would have to amend the Official Community Plan (OCP) and change the current zoning on this property from M1 (General Industrial) to RM3 (Medium Density Multiple Housing). The City is currently inviting feedback, and the City Council will be voting on these proposed changes this fall. We the Friends of Timmins Street have created a petition to preserve and protect Penticton's Official Community Plan

Petition Recipients

Penticton City Council, Mayor of Penticton, Taxpayers of Penticton

How to Sign

If you are interested in supporting this cause to Keep Penticton's Neighbourhoods Liveable please consider going to the following link and signing our petition.

Petition Link Online Petition - Keep Penticton's Neighbourhoods Livable

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