Please find a list of resources for Penticton residents looking to get involved

How can you help

  1. Support our Online Petition - Protect Penticton's Official Community Plan
  2. Take the time to read the pages of this site and the links it provides
  3. Provide some feedback
  4. Tell someone your neighbours and other interested parties. Pick a few and talk to them.
  5. Engage with the City during the provided opportunities

Who to contact

City of Penticton

Nicole Capewell - Planner II:

Planning Department -

Mayor and Council -

Phone: 1-250-490-2501

City of Penticton - Staff Directory

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI)

Erik Lachmuth - District Manager Transportation:

Phone: 1-236-766-7194

Mitch Benke - Development Officer:

Phone: 1-778-622-0105

Mailing Address: 102 Industrial Place, Penticton BC V2A 7C8

Friends of Timmins Street

Karen Brownlee - Main Coordinator:

Phone: 1-250-490-1442

Developer - Radec Group

Joe Walters - Radec Group CEO:

Phone: 1-250-492-0069

Mailing Address: 955 Timmins Street, Penticton BC V2A 5V3

Important Links

Important Documents